U Decathlonu, svi dijelimo istu svrhu - tu smo da služimo što većem broju ljudi kako bi sport bio DOSTUPAN SVIMA

Sport for the many: Our purpose



Finance controller - Finance Decathlon

“I joined Decathlon three years ago as a fishing expert. I have shown interest in finance even while I was working in the store and I was subsequently given the chance to become part of the finance division as an intern. In less than a year I have justified my position and I have become a full-fledged member of the team. My career is currently on an upwards trajectory and I accept new challenges on a daily basis. I work on process automatization and on perfecting myself and I am experiencing personal progress along the way.”


Sales assistant - Zagreb Istok

“I am a passionate cyclist and competitor, living for my sport. From the very beginning, almost four years ago, both Decathlon and my teammates recognized my values, ambitions and helped me develop from a business and private side. I have always wanted a job which would enable me to grow professionally while doing what I love. At Decathlon I found satisfaction because we make sport more accessible to the many. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this family of various profiles of people and athletes, many of whom I learn from every day.”


Team Leader - Varaždin

“I've only been a Decathlonian for a year and I already feel like I've been with this team for years! I have combined my passion for sports with a job in a company where I can influence the development of sport in my city and region; here I can give advice to our sport users, I can get feedback from real athletes, we can discuss sports and laugh at the same things, because we are essentially the same - athletes! And that is the pleasure that fills your every day!”


Sales Assistant - Rijeka

“I joined the Decathlon team 3 years ago as a student simply because my interest in combat sports started to grow more and more, so I found it to be a great way to learn from both business and sport aspects. Now Decathlon has become my second home, the people I work with are my second family who inspire and push me every day to go further and learn some more.”


Sales Assistant - Zagreb Zapad

“Soon after I started working at Decathlon, I realized it is the right place for me. Ever since I was a student at the Cycling and Oxelo department, I was impressed by the work dynamic and the team spirit in the store. Thanks to this job, I am learning new information on a daily basis regarding sports I like best. The fact that I can share all my sports knowledge and experience with the youngest and have an impact on the expansion of the skateboarding community makes me extra happy.”


Team Leader - Rijeka

“I started working at Decathlon Zagreb Zapad store in 2016 as a student and a big sports enthusiast. After 4 years I traveled from the continental part to the seaside and started my new adventure as the Team sports leader in Decathlon Rijeka. I have actively played basketball since I was 8 and it is an understatement that I am a huge aficionado of that beautiful sport. Everyone who knows me at least a little bit knows that nothing fills me with joy like the arrival of new Tarmak balls. I enjoy working in Decathlon because apart from offering a positive and competitive atmosphere, it connects two relevant factors in my life, which are sports and work. I am glad to be a part of this beautiful collective and I am looking forward to new challenges which Decathlon offers.”